This is the easiest (and the least frustrating) way to have access to SignalX. All you need to do is to share your Kite API Key and Kite Secret Key along with a few other details in a form, and rest everything is taken care of. Read more for details.

Here’s the Club advantage:

  1. Always the first ones to have access to new updates, and all features
  2. Security and critical updates always patched on your sandboxed environment
  3. You focus on trading - not maintaining your servers
  4. Privacy first — each user is setup as a standalone application for security purposes. for example, my instance is hosted at https://aakash.signalx.trade, and another user is at https://mohit.signalx.trade. They cannot see each others data.
  5. Something not working or have a question? You can always reach out directly on Telegram by talking to username aakashgoel89 (Even right now, if you have a question or if you just want to say Hi!)


SignalX Club is available at a monthly pricing of ₹4500 ₹2100 +GST.

This includes app and database hosting, your very personal https://yourname.signalx.trade URL, and all the Club advantages as mentioned above.

<aside> 💡 Your private and a sandboxed instance of SignalX is setup within 24 hours. **Register here.**


Next Steps

Once you're convinced Club is for you —

  1. Create your Kite app at https://kite.trade by following the steps mentioned in this video (jump directly to 01:30 mins. in the video)
  2. Pay for 1 month access
  3. Fill up details on this Google form.

🎉 That's it! Welcome to the club.


The information above is for reference only, and is not a trading recommendation or advice. The software is provided on an as-is basis, and the developers of this software cannot be held liable for any losses or damages that were to occur from using the software. By using SignalX you abide by the terms and conditions mentioned below

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