SignalX allows you to deploy fully automated Intraday trading strategies on Zerodha with a top notch execution engine. Built for traders, by traders.

Top Highlights

  1. 1-click consent execution of your personal trading plan. Everyday.
  2. 100% Open source. No signing up, no waitlist.
  3. End to end API trading. From entry to exit.
  4. Highly configurable strategies. Easily define your own rules
  5. Intraday or Carry-over. You choose
  6. 1-click add hedges to any trade for margin benefit or protection
  7. Automated PnL reporting and trade journaling at a strategy level
  8. Pre-schedule entry time and auto square-off time per trade
  9. In-built protection against Open SL-Limit order
  10. In-built order retry and rollback to handle latency issues with broker APIs

API based Strategies

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